Green Energy Project

The Initiatives

Energy conservation project started in 1996 which decreased Shedds energy usage by 75% from 1996 to 2006. They made modifications to their lighting systems, roof and even used mercury-free fluorescent bulbs and motion-activated lights. With energy conservation a priority for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, they are now pioneers in using advanced technology and being a role model for energy conservation.

The Power Pure System

This is the use of a chemical free system to remove deposits furthermore breaking their molecular structure. The purpose of such a system is that it runs clean and efficiently saving 2 million gallons of water.

Free Cooling

This system makes use of Chicago’s windy and chilly days. Shedd makes the use of a condenser system which reroutes water through a plate and frame exchanger. Large fans on the roof will lift the water and cool it while looping it back into aquarium habitats. Annually this system saves energy and money.


Shedd Aquarium has a great recycling conservation project in place that recycles aluminum, plastic and many other materials. They host several recycling drives throughout the year and much of this project has kept over 75% of plant material out of the landfills. Shedd uses this material for their gardens and lawns saving energy and turning a profit that can be used to educate people about their “Green Incentive”.


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